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Plant and Grow Messianic Fellowship!
And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.
                                                                                                Jeremiah 3:15

Welcome to Set Apart Ministries mini site specializing in the growth and stability of Messianic Fellowships!
 In these pages we want to provide encouragement and direction to those who are coming together to walk in a Torah pursuant lifestyle. 

A Torah Pursuant Relational Maturity Community Model

  • Prayerful leadership development
  •  Develop the skills necessary to care for "sheople"
  •  Organizational structure and goals
  •  FAQs
  •  Teleconferences focused on leadership development

We Believe that a strong Messianic fellowship begins with solid relationship between the individual and our Elohim, Who is Himself, relational, or echad in Hebrew.

Unless YHWH builds a house it will be in vain, so we advise that it is best for there to be a clear calling as a basis for starting any fellowship group.

Our personal desire to do so is, alone, not enough!

A Messianic fellowship needs to encourage individual faith for its members and yet also is dependent on the integrity and committment of those individuals.

See our series of "Community Teaching Moments" on our main site (
These brief 1-2 page commentaries address common situations fellowship groups face and outline how people at different maturity levels might be expected to respond.
Here is one example on the process of Identifying and Meeting a Community Need..
You will find them on the right side in the What's New column! They are meant to be conversation starters, and will be discussed as part of the soon coming Leadership Training teleconference course. Email for further info!

 Set Apart Ministries Goals Statement 

Chart and Narrative

This mini-site gleans from our general site and resources to focus on these aspects of Messianic fellowship and community.


June, 2016

Boasting Against the Branches = Replacement Theology

April, 2016

Responding to the Needs of Those Ensnared by Evil

August, 2014 
 Please check out new articles over this past seven months on various understandings of what it means to be the set apart Bride, on the Crushing of our Bones that leads to rejoicing, on dealing with the Unjust, filthy, righteous and set apart...found on our home page of our main site.

January, 2014  Special Announcement!

10 Proven Steps Toward Establishing a Stable Set Apart Fellowship

My son, hear your father's instruction, and do not forsake the law of your mother; for they shall be an ornament of grace to your head, and chains for your neck.      Proverbs 1: 8-9

These Steps Focus on the Often Forsaken “Law of Your Mother”

You Can Easily Complete This Coaching Course for Leaders in just 10 weeks!

Each Step Guides You through Personal & Group Preparation, and lists Study and Scripture References

Coursework will come directly to your email box for study at your convenience.

Set Apart Ministries reference materials are included free of additional charges.

Participation in Leadership Development Teleconference groups provides an opportunity to discuss your personal questions as you complete the course.

Coaching Course Fee:  $25   

10 Step Course Description is available here.

You Know You Will Grow Through This!  
You can start right now!

10 Proven Steps Course

Our Definition of Messianic Community
A multi-generational group of interdependent, like-minded people with a clear, stable identity based in YHWH, mutually defined and articulated as in a growing organism, with structure, authority, and boundaries; generally based in recognition of attained maturity, and the shared goal of set-apart living in daily interaction;

an interdependent network of covenant relationships based in Echad with Messiah Yeshua.  

As of June, 2013, we are updating our email list and offering the opportunity to re-confirm your desire to hear from us in this new group. You will receive updates about 5 times a year about what is new. Even if you are already receiving our updates, please sign up here to replace your current series.



January 2014

Prepare Messiah's Bride Series

The Assembly with No Spot, Wrinkle or Blemish, but  Pure and Set Apart

Dealing with the need for exposure of that which is not pleasing to our Elohiim

Blows that Hurt Cleanse Evil from the Heart

Another confirmation of the faithfulness of our Elohim even during times of trial.

Are You Right Side Up or Down?

An application of the Hand Teaching

November, 2013

 A brief discussion of how our focus on Messiah can be affected with the approach we take.

June, 2013

  Messy Expectations, Discipleship, Spiritual Formation, Torah and Rebellion
A Written discussion on how we transmit our faith to others and the perceived difference between traditional models of discipleship vs. formation in the context of a Hebraic worldview.

Messy Expectations:  Community Under Pressure

How may we best endure under difficult trials to come:  alone or in community?

The Terrible "E" 


A decision making process that can spell spiritual disaster.

November, 2012

Elders and Eldership
What Does it Mean to Be an Elder?
What Does an Elder do in Community?

June, 2012

A Question of Doctrine
What do Messianics Believe?

Brief Summary


Extended Discussion

May, 2012

Be Perfect! A Frightening Command
This is a  new brief PowerPoint video addressing another aspect of what it means to be set apart and made holy. It is right under the logo on our main site home page.

Messy Expectations: Part 3

Messy Expectations: Part 4

None So Blind....As Those Who Will Not See
A Word Document: The original Script prior to development as Video above center.
A Call to Examine what Scripture Actually SAYS rather than what People SAY it says

                            March 2012

How Has the "Messianic Movement" come into Being?
The Roots of "Messianic Judaism"

Under Whose Authority do You lead?

Calling, Anointing and Ordination:
How Does Anyone Know Who is Genuinely Called to Lead?

August 2011

We think that maturity is necessary in order to correctly interpret and apply the Scriptures.Proverbs 1:9 speaks to this issue: In order to understand Papa's Torah we must not forget the laws of our Mother!

Check out a brief video on our main site home page that describes how we incorporate this understanding in our "set apart" community. Maybe it will make sense to you in your community as well!

In recent weeks, I have also prepared a slideshow to help shepherd leaders identify the issues involved with various kinds of difficult people, as well as some information on how to wisely handle such issues.
Clues for Shepherds

May 2011

Sadly, many home fellowships begin in joy and come apart at the seams in chaos and hurt.  This can be avoided!

Messy Expectations: Part 1

Messy Expectations: Part 2

Please take a few moments to watch this beautiful historical picture of Messianic Jews in ancient Israel!

Available Now on Amazon Kindle!
You can read this on your computer and do NOT need to have  a Kindle!

November, 2013--Now you can also order this as a spiral bound printed copy!  Email to order today!

One of the first questions people usually have is about finding the right study materials Some groups are started by an individual who is equipped to teach independently, and others by people who have learned enough to know they want more, but not enough to lead by themselves.

Our experience is that most people want to start out with a series of teachings on topics of interest.
This is normal and probably the best choice when you are in the phase of finding people of like mind to eventually form a group.

Once a group has begun to take shape, perhaps 4 or 5 people agreeing to regular participation, it may be time to consider moving in the direction of building a foundation of knowledge of Torah. We understand this to be a critical aspect of forming a strong group that will be able to give a reason for the hope that is within them and to help each person establish their lifestyle in solid Torah

We believe that it is of crucial importance to listen in prayer to the leading of the Ruach/Holy Spirit as to what type of study is best at the time for each group.   As an example, we offer a listing of the topics we have covered over the last 10 years in our home community.  We do NOT think that this is a "blueprint" for exactly what each group should do, but rather offer it as a guideline and sample....   more


Study Guide for Those New to Torah Understanding!

This is the study guide we have developed for our local community use but it provides links to many scholarly and helpful books, documents and videos to help in the study of the Hebraic roots of our faith.


If you have found wise counsel, support and encouragement in these pages, will you prayerfully consider helping us cover the cost to keep this material available?

For the Scripture says, "YOU SHALL NOT MUZZLE THE OX WHILE HE IS THRESHING," and "The laborer is worthy of his wages."

1 Timothy 5:18

Our thanks and blessings to you as you grow up in every way into Messiah Yeshua Who is our Head!

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